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a wonderful and natural alternative to 'traditional' hays and is perfect for a good old munch! Please note hay is not short chopped as in the bag in image!

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Burns Green Oat Hay makes a wonderful and natural alternative to 'traditional' hays and is perfect for a good old munch, as well as being great for a bit of a forage ....!

Packed full of a wonderful mix of stem, leaf and 'green' oat husks, Burns Green Oat Hay will help to play a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut and as an aide to dental wear.

**As the cut and consistency of this Green Oat Hay can vary considerably through the year, we are able to advise on the cut. Our normal 'standard' is a green and stemmy mixed bag. Should the hay differ from this substantially, we will update the cut information for you. If you have any concern, just give us a call or email and we can advise**

We may occasionally be unable to obtain your cut preference so will then supply what is available; do let us know if you definitely do not want a particular cut and we will do our best to pick the best bag to suit your little ones!

Green Oat hay can be fed freely, and is an ideal hay to be fed alongside another to offer both variety of taste and texture.

Supplied loose bagged for easy dispensing and (of course) munching .... just perfect for all small animals!

Tip: Sometimes there can be a few handfuls of chopped oat hay (not dust!) at the bottom of the bag. We've found the Hay Experts just love to munch this as it often contains lots of seed heads and scrummy tasty bits! To prevent it from being scattered and wasted, why not put it in a food bowl for your little ones to enjoy. More taste, less waste!

Pack size: 900g

Burns real food offers the holistic approach to health and nutrition, developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns BVMS MRCVS based upon his practical experience and knowledge. A simple range of food, full of natural goodness. No fancy additives, no colours, flavours or artificial preservatives, wheat or soya.

We deliver throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and a number of other countries too - and do get in touch if your country is not yet listed - we'll add it if we can!

Please see our Delivery Information page for full details of our delivery options, and exact shipping rates can be found quickly and easily by using the shipping estimator in the shopping cart; you'll see all available options.

Do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

We aim to ensure our customers are 100% happy with purchases from us. Should this not be the case, please contact our customer services team as soon as possible so we can advise how best your issue can be resolved quickly. 

Burns Green Oat Hay
Burns Green Oat Hay