Indorex Household Flea Spray

Indorex, the UK's Number 1 Household Veterinary household flea spray
Indorex, the UK's Number 1 Household Veterinary household flea spray by Virbac, also authorised to kill house dust mites - as well as keeping homes free of fleas for a full 12 months.

Product features:
* Indorex kills adult fleas and dust mites - and prevents the development of their eggs and larvae
* Indorex acts by contact, not ingestion
* Indorex is the only veterinary household flea control proven to be stable in UV light1
* Indorex gives a full 12 months of activity and protection
* Approved by the HSE as safe for pets and humans when used as directed

Recommended by vets, award-winning Indorex is the UK's No.1 household flea spray and will protect your home for up to a year from fleas and house dust mites.

If you have any questions regarding safe and effective parasite control, contact our Animal Medicines Advisor via phone or our contact form - we're here to help you and your little ones!

Amazingly only 5% of fleas actually live on your pet. Fleas have a complicated life-cycle, 95% of their life is spent in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae around your home.

In real terms, that means that for every flea you see on your pet, there are potentially 20 more of it's friends and family in your home.

Flea eggs, for instance, laid by adult female fleas, roll off pets' coats into any crevices (including carpets, rugs, pet bedding, skirting boards and floorboards).

The hatching larvae burrow deep down to protect themselves in these crevices and soft furnishings where they turn into pupae.

They can stay in this state for as long as a year but, eventually, they will develop into adult fleas, leap onto your pet as it passes and the life-cycle starts again.

The most effective way to protect your home from flea infestation is to use award winning Indorex household flea spray.

It is sprayed directly onto carpets, rugs, flooring, skirting boards and other potential flea hideouts.

Best used in conjunction with applying a good quality on-animal treatment for all relevant animals in the home, breaking the flea life cycle will wipe out the next generation of fleas and protect your home from infestations for up to a year.

Indorex is also approved by the HSE to control house dust mites which can be implicated as a trigger for allergic diseases in our pets as well as in people.

Household treatment, not to be applied directly to animals.

Warning - remove all animals including reptiles or fish from area during treatment.

Active Ingredients: Permethrin (rapidly kills adult fleas), Pyripoxyfen (controls growth of eggs and larvae from fleas and house dust mites), piperonyl butoxide (reinforces the action of permethrin).

Pack: 500ml Spray can
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Manufacturer Virbac
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Indorex Household Flea Spray
Indorex Household Flea Spray