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Rabbit Language or "Are you going to eat that?" (2nd Edition)


A humorous guide to communicating with your pet rabbit.

Rabbit Language Or "Are You Going To Eat That?"
Rabbit Language Or "Are You Going To Eat That?"

Rabbit Language or "Are you going to eat that?" by Carolyn R Crampton.

A humorous guide to communicating with your pet rabbit. It is a big mistake to think of rabbits or other animals as without any language or culture, just because we have never taken the time to learn it. Domesticated animals have lost any culture they may have had in the wild. They have instincts and whatever learning that can be passed down in the short time they spend with their mothers. Rabbits are clever about manipulating humans although they are stubborn about learning what we want them to.

This humorous guide, with wonderful sketches, gives a comical insight into what our rabbits are communicating with us. It includes little gems such as:

Behaviour Rubbing chin on things, such as houseplants, priceless armoires, Italian leather shoes:

What it means...
A great misconception: It does NOT mean marking territory. It is a rabbit custom, like saying grace before a meal. In short, "One day I will eat you."

What you should do: Give your bunny more sticks and branches, keep your stuff off the floor, and kiss the antiques goodbye.

The perfect gift for anyone who shares their home with a rabbit - or for anyone thinking of living with a rabbit. Great insight to what to expect, and the author finishes with some sound advice for anyone considering a rabbit including the following comment:

"Rabbits will destroy your home, your relationship...and cause your friends to ridicule you behind your back. Your home will smell like a barn and there will always be rabbit raisins on the carpet"

Hmmm.. home like a barn, raisins on the carpet - can she see into my lounge..??

Paperback - 64 pages. 2nd Edition

About the author: Carolyn Crampton has lived with rescued rabbits for over 20 years.

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