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Western Timothy Hay (Oxbow Bags & Bulk Boxes)


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Oxbow Western Timothy Hay; hay at its' best! Check below for cut information. Available in bags or bulk boxes.

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Western Timothy Hay (Oxbow Bags & Bulk Boxes)
  • Oxbow Western Timothy Hay - available in bags or bulk boxes
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Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the leading source of timothy hay and is of such high quality, consistency and taste that it would be the natural choice of probably all rabbits and guinea pigs alike. With a wonderful aroma, mix of flat blade and stem and an appealing green colour, few other hays come close in comparison. Tasty, tasty, tasty! This is the official report from The Hay Experts!

Western Timothy hay has a great taste and is low in carbohydrates, high in fibre, low in protein, and low in calcium. It can be freely fed to rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals of any age.

Available in 425g (15oz), 1.1kg (40oz), 2.55kg (90oz), 4.05kg box (9lb), 11.36kg box (25lb) and 22.7kg box (50lb). A quality Oxbow hay product.

Cut information: The cut can vary between a very green, soft leafy mix of thin stem, seed head and green leaf, to a very coarse greeny/yellow cut depending on time of harvest etc. If you are unsure if your little ones may like either cut, please ask for a description sample before you order.

Approximate box dimensions are as follows:
4.05kg box (9lb) - 39cm wide, 19cm high, 59cm deep
11.36kg box (25lb) - 46cm wide, 38cm high, 61cm deep
22.7kg box (50lb) - 46cm wide, 63cm high, 63cm deep.
Timothy hay!

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Customer Reviews

Great smelling hay!
Review by Jennifer

My bunnies are very fussy eaters, so I was cautious about ordering this in bulk. We ordered a small bag and they loved it so much, we ordered at 25kg bag. Such excellent value and you can tell how high quality it is.

Lovely and green and smells delicious, even to a human!

Review by Patricia

This was the second time I had bought this hay and my 3 rabbits loved the first bulk buy. There were lots of nice long bits with juicy heads and loved to nibble on it. I bought the biggest box back in February and have been really disappointed with it, in my opinion it appeared to be the scrapings off the floor, tiny little bits of dusty grass and very little long stems or heads of grass.
I have been substituting it with fresh hay bought at the local farm but I know that they would rather have the fresh oxbow.
I am going to order once again and hope that it will be nice long pieces with juicy heads otherwise the box will be on its way back at your expense as it is too expensive to have to bin it.

Fussy old bun loves it :)
Review by Joanne

I bought this for my new older bunny who isn't a big hay eater. He loves this! The hay is lovely and fresh, dust free, green in colour and smells fab :) I buy this along with the Oxbow Orchard Grass and mix it in with cheaper meadow hay and he gobbles the lot down. Not the cheapest hay but definitely worth it as it is fab quality and he doesn't waste any. A big thumbs up :)

Best hay I've found
Review by Jess

This hay is fab, its green, has a mixture of thinner and chunky bits, my buns love it and theres very little dust. Wouldn't switch back to other brands now they've tried this!

Paws up from fussy buns
Review by Hayley Rose

I have tried so many different types of hay for my two spoilt house bunnies to nom on, most of them they don't even want in their litter/hay trays, let alone actually eat them. So thank goodness that The Hay Experts included this in their sample pack and I could find out what my buns would happily nom up.

A big paws up from Reggie and Betsy who get excited for fresh green fab quality timothy hay.

Wonderful Hay!
Review by Mik & Maz

We have 22 rescue rabbits of our own and we buy the big 50lb boxes of Western Timothy Hay now and then for them as it's just a beautiful smelling green hay and they all love it. We have found that dental buns that have just had dental op's who sometimes will not eat after their op will quite happily nibble on Western Timothy Hay so it's a 'must have' for us.
To a bunny it's very addictive hay :-)

Best hay ever
Review by Shakeela

Good quality hay, Nice crunchy long stems perfect for my two little bunnies to munch on all day i have tried loads of other hays and this is the best one out there only bad thing my bunnies get through this too fast they eat loads and loads i'm gonna be poor soon lol

Number 1 Hay for my buns!
Review by Talya

All 4 of my bunnies go crazy for Oxbow Timothy. Wouldn't feed them anything else as their main hay as I know they will devour huge amounts of it! Yes, it is a bit more expensive but the quality is head and shoulders above many of the cheaper brands.

Excellent hay
Review by Jane

Lovely hay, always excellent quality and my guinea pigs' favourite to eat. The bulk boxes are good value.

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