Chinchilla Toys

Shop our range of chinchilla toys here. We offer a selection of high quality, vet-approved chinchilla chew toys ideal for play, including our banana leaf carrot stuffer and Bark n Nibble. Introduce a new toy to your chinchilla on a regular basis to add new interest to their home environment and help them stay entertained.

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  1. Carrot Cottage - Showing Small
    Carrot Cottage
  2. Classic Little Friends Bendy Sticks
    Classic Little Friends Bendy Sticks
  3. Hay n Hide
    Hay n Hide
  4. Hidey House
    Hidey House
  5. I Love Hay Cube
    I Love Hay Cube
  6. Play Tube
    Play Tube
  7. Rosewood Seagrass Tunnel - Small
    Seagrass Tunnel
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