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natural meadow hay with added dandelion (and marigold!) - a real treat!
Do your little ones fancy a bit of a change? Why not try this wonderful natural meadow hay with added dandelion (and marigold!) - a real treat!

VitaVerde Hay & Dandelion from VitaKraft is a soft meadow hay with 5% added dandelion and 5% Marigold. Dandelion is reputed to have benefits to kidney function, and Marigold is a real favourite amongst rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Vitaverde ® hay is a natural product, harvested and carefully sun-dried, so that natural vitamins remain largely intact. Enriched with palatable dandelion, which is known for its stimulating effect on renal function and promote well-being. Hand-picked and packed.

Perfect for a change!

Pack size: 500g (min)

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VitaVerde Hay & Dandelion
VitaVerde Hay & Dandelion