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The Hay Experts Loyalty Rewards Scheme

A Little Something Everyone Likes!


We love that you like shopping with us, and we really hope your little ones love our products too.

As a little thank you, we want to reward your custom through our loyalty scheme.


Our Loyalty Scheme is designed to be simple, easy to use, and best of all you can do what you like with the points you earn. Spend them, save them or donate them - the choice is yours!

You don't need to register, or complete forms to enter our scheme. And there's no need to print off vouchers or enter fiddly little codes either! Just shop as normal and you'll be shown how many points your shopping has gained during checkout. Next time you shop, and with a qualifying points balance, you'll be able to redeem points and save some money off your shopping. Simple!

If you prefer to, you can save your points up and use them for a special purchase. Perhaps for your little one's birthday or Christmas, or for an extra special gift, just because they have been good!

And our Loyalty Scheme comes with extra benefit too. With our scheme you can donate your points to a rescue, friend or perhaps someone caring for your little ones; it's your choice! Donating points can be quickly managed from your account and you have total control over who you donate your points to. This is a great option if you'd like to support your local rescue, a special needs case you have read about or just because you know they would be useful and appreciated.

We hope the following will answer any questions you may have about our scheme, but do get in touch if you think of anything we've not covered!



  • Loyalty points are allocated once you complete an order. The number of points you will gain is clealy shown in the order total during checkout.
  • You do not need to register in advance to join our loyalty scheme.
  • Your loyalty points activity can be seen via your normal account on our website.
  • Your Loyalty Points do not expire. You do not have to use them within a certain timescale.
  • The current rate of point rewarding is 1 point given for every £1 spent on goods (this excludes the cost of shipping and VAT).
  • Your Loyalty Points can be redeemed against any of our items on our website - you can use your Loyalty Points for what you require.
  • You can check your Loyalty Points balance at any time by logging into your account. 
  • If you do not already have an account with us, one will be automatically created next time you make a purchase, and any Loyalty Points gained from that order will be available to use on your next purchase.
  • Once you have chosen to redeem all, some, or none of your points, you then checkout as normal. You don't need to enter codes or do anything else differently.


  • Points can only be redeemed on The Hay Experts website.
  • You have the option of redeeming all, none or a quantity of points of your choice each time you shop with a qualifying points balance
  • Redeeming points is carried out in at the first stage of the checkout process. Use the handy slider or enter the number of points you'd like to redeem and we'll do the rest!
  • Points do not expire, so they can be saved or redeemed as you prefer.
  • You can redeem your qualifying points against anything in our store - no need to select from a list of 'specially selected goods'. With our scheme, the choice is yours!


  • If you choose to donate points, you can decide how many points you would like to donate
  • You can donate your points to anyone - friend, family, aquaintance, rescue - the choice is yours!
  • To donate points, navigate to the 'My Rewards' section of your account area, select 'Point Transfer', and complete the form. Job done!
  • Donated points cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers and can only be redeemed during a purchase on The Hay Experts website


  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers
  • The Loyalty Scheme is not open to trade, wholsale or supported/discounted accounts
  • Points are not awarded for purchases which include the redemption of a gift voucher, whether in part or in full.
  • Points will be deducted from your balance following the cancellation or part refund (on a pro rata basis) of an order. Points activity can be viewed via your account area.
  • The Hay Experts Loyalty Scheme is available to The Hay Experts customers only.
  • The Hay Experts reserves he right to withdraw the scheme at any time; any accrued points cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers.
  • The Hay Experts reserve the right to amend the reward or redemption rates at any time, and without prior notice. 
  • Please get in touch to opt out of our rewards scheme if you prefer to do so.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or queries via the Help tab on the bottom right of your screen.