Rabbit Hay & Grasses

Just as you treat them right, feed them right! Our delicious rabbit hay is vet-recommended, nutritious, and taste-tested by ‘the hay experts’ – our lovely rabbits. We sell only what they love. Find your rabbit’s soon-to-be favourite hay below!

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  1. Deans Meadow Hay
    Quickview Deans Meadow Hay
  2. Hay Blends - Western Timothy & Orchard Grass1.1kg
    Quickview Hay Blends - Oxbow Western Timothy & Orchard Grass
  3. Meadow Bites
    Quickview Meadow Bites
  4. Oxbow Orchard Grass - Available in 425g and 1.1kg bags
    Quickview Orchard Grass (Bags & Bulk Boxes)
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