Rabbit Food

The welfare of your rabbit is always the top priority as a responsible owner. But it’s not just about the external factors that go into caring for your rabbit, like activities and affection - it's also ensuring you feed them a well-rounded, nutritious food. Here at The Hay Experts, we stock a range of quality rabbit food, including rabbit pellet food, that offer your rabbit the healthy, balanced diet it needs.

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  1. Advance Rabbit
    Quickview Advance Rabbit
  2. Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food
    Quickview Essentials Adult Rabbit Food
  3. Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets
    Quickview Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets
  4. Excel DualCare
    Quickview Excel DualCare
  5. Excel Rabbit Adult Nuggets (Pellets)
    Quickview Excel Rabbit Adult Nuggets (Pellets)
  6. Excel Rabbit Junior & Dwarf
    Quickview Excel Rabbit Junior & Dwarf
  7. Harringtons Optimum Rabbit
    Quickview Harringtons Optimum Rabbit
  8. Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Rabbit
    Quickview Meadow Menu Rabbit
  9. Critical Care
    Quickview Oxbow Critical Care
  10. Science Selective 4+ Rabbit
    Quickview Science Selective 4+ Rabbit
  11. Science Selective Rabbit
    Quickview Science Selective Rabbit
  12. Supreme Recovery Plus (Available as a full box or single sachets
    Quickview Supreme Recovery Plus
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