Rabbit Straw

As a responsible owner, welfare is your top priority. This spans everything from making sure you give your rabbit a well-balanced, complete food, to ensuring that they have the correct bedding in their hutch. ... The Hay Experts stock a wide range of high quality rabbit straw suitable for bedding.

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  1. Pillow Wad Barley Straw - Bio-Pack
    Pillow Wad Barley Straw - Bio-Pack
  2. Pure Pastures Barley Straw
    Pure Pastures Barley Straw
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MORE ABOUT Rabbit Straw

Bedding straw is a similar to dried grass to hay, but without the nutritional value. Rabbits love it as it makes a great soft bedding they can scrap and burrow in to their heart's content.

Fully approved by AMTRA qualified experts, all our rabbit straw is safe and low in dust to ensure your rabbit stays happy and healthy. Straw should be used only as bedding, and replaced on a daily basis to keep your rabbit's area hygienic and comfortable.

Please note that, although safe if eaten, straw is not a suitable food for your rabbit. You must also supply your rabbit with plenty of fresh hay, forage and food, along with fresh water too.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much straw to put in a rabbit hutch?
You should aim to spread 5-6 inches of bedding straw at the bottom of your rabbit hutch. It should also be evenly distributed from corner to corner. Your rabbit’s bedding should be generous enough to protect it from the hard surface at the bottom of the hutch, which is not only uncomfortable but can cause sore hocks.

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