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Keeping your rabbit engaged on a daily basis is an important part of being a responsible owner. When you’re unable to give them 1-to-1 attention, introducing toys is a great way to  ensure they stay entertained. Add interest and fun for your small furry with our range of vet-recommended rabbit toys.... We stock everything from warrens and chew toys to logs and tubes.

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  1. Carrot Cottage - Showing Small
    Carrot Cottage
  2. Classic Little Friends Bendy Sticks
    Classic Little Friends Bendy Sticks
  3. Hay n Hide
    Hay n Hide
  4. Hidey House
    Hidey House
  5. I Love Hay Cube
    I Love Hay Cube
  6. Play Tube
    Play Tube
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MORE ABOUT Rabbit Toys

Objects that your rabbit can play with to stay entertained are essential for their overall welfare. Toys can help stimulate your rabbit and encourage them to show natural behaviours such as burrowing, hopping and chewing.

Toys that rabbits love to play with include tunnels, chew toys, things they can dig and things they can throw. But not all toys are safe for rabbits, so it’s important to only buy toys which are approved as safe. All our toys are approved by our in-house Animal Medicines Advisor (SQP), so you can rest assured that any rabbit toys you buy from The Hay Expert are safe for your furry friend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy rabbit toys
You should only buy toys for your rabbit from a reputable supplier, like The Hay Expert. Toys designed for rabbits undergo strict checks to ensure they’re safe for your bunny.
What are good rabbit toys
There’s lots of good toys for rabbits that help keep them entertained and stimulated. They especially like things they can play with and throw, like wicker, balls and rattles, as well as things they can dig in or on, like dry straw and sea grass mats.
How many toys should a rabbit have?
Toys are an important part of mental stimulation for your rabbit and help keep them occupied and interested. Offering a variety of toys, and introducing new ones on a regular basis, is advised. But don’t overload your rabbit - they can’t play with everything at once and they still need plenty of space in their hutch or enclosure to hop around! Swap toys around - something they have not seen for some time will create new interest.
What toys can I give my rabbit?
You should only give your rabbit toys that are considered safe for them. All the toys here at The Hay Expert have passed strict regulations and are fine for your rabbit to play with in accordance with manufacturer's advice.
What chew toys do rabbits like?
Rabbits love chew toys like natural wood bark and twigs. Not only do they help keep your rabbit occupied, they also help to naturally wear down their teeth!

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