Rabbit Toys

Keeping your rabbit engaged on a daily basis is an important part of being a responsible owner. When you’re unable to give them 1-to-1 attention, introducing toys is a great way to  ensure they stay entertained. Add interest and fun for your small furry with our range of vet-recommended rabbit toys. We stock everything from warrens and chew toys to logs and tubes.

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  1. Carrot Cottage - Showing Small
    Quickview Carrot Cottage
  2. Chew Tube
    Quickview Chew Tube (Rosewood)
  3. Chewi Tube
    Quickview Chewi Tube
  4. Grassy Home
    Quickview Grassy Home
  5. Hay n Hide
    Quickview Hay n Hide
  6. I Love Hay Cube
    Quickview I Love Hay Cube
  7. Lounging Logs
    Quickview Lounging Logs
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