Rabbit Treats

As well as giving your rabbit a complete pellet food, feeding hay and forage, you may wish to give your bunny occasional treats. Here you can find our full range of rabbit treats, suitable for feeding... in moderation. Our natural rabbit treats are all veterinary approved and screened by our in-house Animal Medicines Advisor (SQP).

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  1. Dandelion (The Hay Experts)
    Dandelion (The Hay Experts)
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MORE ABOUT Rabbit Treats

While not something you should feed your rabbit too regularly, treats are a welcome reward during training, bonding time with your pet or to create additional interest day-to-day.

Rabbit treats should be given as part of the daily food allowance. For example, a treat should replace approximately the same amount of pellets to avoid over-feeding. All the treats we stock are made from natural ingredients that your rabbits will love. Tasty options include alfalfa nibbles, apple and pansy nibble hearts and Fenugreek Crunchies.

We stand for nature, wellbeing and integrity. That’s why the rabbit treats we sell are fed to our very own rabbits (and they absolutely love them!). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What treats can I give my rabbit?
Treats are a great way to bond with your rabbit or add interest to their diet, but should only be given in moderation and not as a replacement for a complete rabbit food. Rabbits can have a range of sweet and savoury treats like fresh or dried fruit, fresh or dried vegetables, baked rabbit treats, apple twigs and alfalfa cubes.
What are rabbits' favourite treats?
Rabbits love sweet treats like fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, such as apple, banana and carrot - but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what’s good for them! Fruit and vegetables are very high in sugar, so should be fed to your rabbit in moderation. For a rabbit, even a pellet or few low-sugar fresh leaves or a handful of forage are a tasty treat that can be given more regularly.
What is a healthy snack for rabbits?
The healthiest snacks for rabbits are dry hay and forage , as these options are high in fibre and low in sugar. Forage and hay can make up 80% of a healthy diet for a rabbit. That said, you’ll see from our range above that we offer plenty of healthy and natural treats for rabbits too, outside of their everyday meals.

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