Rat & Mouse Feeding Hay

Shop from our range of feeding hay for rats and mice here. All our feeding hay is vet-recommended for rats and mice, so you can rest assured you’re supplying your small rodent friend with the best there is! Options include Timothy Hay, meadow hay and orchard hay. We also offer a selection of rat and mouse food to complement their diet, with a variety of tasty and nutritious options to keep your small pet happy and healthy.

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  1. Deans Meadow Hay
    Deans Meadow Hay
  2. Hay Blends - Western Timothy & Orchard Grass1.1kg
    Hay Blends - Oxbow Western Timothy & Orchard Grass
  3. Pillow Wad Bio Meadow Hay
    Pillow Wad Bio Meadow Hay
  4. Pillow Wad Bio Timothy Hay
    Pillow Wad Bio Timothy Hay
  5. Pure Pastures Meadow Hay - Large
    Pure Pastures Meadow Hay
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