Taster Selection Pack

Test 6 different hays and grasses with your little ones in 6 easy bags!

A great way to choose which hays - test 6 different hays and grasses and find out exactly what your little ones actually prefer!

We all know how difficult it can be to decide whether to 'risk' buying a new hay or not. Will my little ones like it? Is it dusty? It's a bit expensive, is it worth the money? And will they eat it??

Over the years we have realised those best to answer these questions are our little ones, and not us. Yes, of course we can tell if a hay smells bad, or is really dusty or full of nasty bits. But could we tell the difference between a good hay and a really great hay from a four legged perspective? We can have a good guess ... but our little ones can!

How many times have you bought a hay which you though looked really good, only to find your little ones refuse to eat it? Ours have literally turned their backs on a few hays we have offered in the past. Or even flung the hay around with total disgust!

We are pleased to offer our Taster Selection Pack - a sample pack of some of the hays we are currently selling for your little ones to test. This collection offers both great value for money and a wide selection of hay types for your little ones to try - how else could they test a collection of such different hays?!

The Taster Selection Pack contains a good handful each of the following 6 hays:-

* Readigrass (pure dried grass) - Friendship Estates
* Green Oat Hay - Burns
* Meadow Hay - Deans Farm
* Hay & Wild Rose (or Hay & Dandelion) - Vitakraft
* Western Timothy - Oxbow
* Orchard Grass - Oxbow

This is a great way to check out some very tasty hays!

In addition to the above hays, we will include a sample of food for either rabbits or guinea pigs (please use the drop-down menu to advise who will be testing the samples), and a selection of just some of our lovely herbs and natural treats. There's a non-food option in case you prefer a pack without a food sample too.

Please note we may substitute one of the above at any time if there are supply issues - but rest assured we will always ensure there are six very different yummy hays and a selection of yummy herby things for your little ones to sample.

Please note - in order to keep the hays, foods, herbs and yummy treats fresh for your little ones, we are currently sealing samples in plastic packaging rather than in the paper bags as shown in the photo. This is just to ensure the samples remain as yummy as possible for you and your little ones.

We deliver throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and a number of other countries too - and do get in touch if your country is not yet listed - we'll add it if we can!

Please see our Delivery Information page for full details of our delivery options, and exact shipping rates can be found quickly and easily by using the shipping estimator in the shopping cart; you'll see all available options.

Do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

We aim to ensure our customers are 100% happy with purchases from us. Should this not be the case, please contact our customer services team as soon as possible so we can advise how best your issue can be resolved quickly. 

Taster Selection Pack
Taster Selection Pack