Xeno 450 Spot On

XENO 450 is designed as a topical spot on for use on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets weighing over 1200g and birds weighing over 666g
Xeno 450 Spot On
Xeno 450 Spot On
XENO 450 is designed as a topical spot on for use on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and birds. The active ingredient Ivermectin is an endectocide as it kills parasites that cause infestation inside the body (endoparasites) as well as those living outside the body, on the skin (ectoparasites).

Ivermectin is used in many species for the control of mites, roundworms and lice. Xeno 450 for use on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets weighing over 1200g and birds weighing over 666g.

Target Species: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Ferrets.

Indications for use: Prevents and treats common internal and external parasites of rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.

Contra-indications: XENO 450 is only for use on rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. Do not use in animals other than those indicated. Serious reactions including deaths have been reported in dogs (especially Collies, Old English Sheepdogs and related breeds), tortoises and turtles treated with the active substance.

Special precautions for use: If you are uncertain about the condition of your pet, consult a veterinary surgeon. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinary surgeon.

Use during pregnancy and lactation: No data available. Do not use in pregnant and lactating animals

Method of administration: Holding the pipette firmly in one hand, twist off the cap. Apply onto the skin on the back of the neck and down the spine.

For routine prevention of common ectoparasites this dose should be repeated monthly. For the treatment of an existing infestation, repeat doses are required two weeks and four weeks after the initial application.

Special warnings for each target species: Do not overdose. Do not use on animals under 16 weeks of age. Occasionally central nervous system disorders, lethargy and inappetance may be observed. Avoid use in or around the eyes. Local irritation and/or hypersensitivity reactions may occur. Should such a reaction occur, discontinue use and seek veterinary advice. This product is toxic to chelonians. Do not use in tortoises, turtles or related species.

Withdrawal periods: Not applicable. For pet animals only. Do not use on animals intended for human consumption.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the product to animals: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water following treatment.

Pharmaceutical particulars: For animal treatment only.

Special precautions for storage: Do not store above 25C. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Disposal: After use, wrap empty pipettes in tissue paper and dispose with domestic refuse.

Further information: This product is not effective against ringworm. Ringworm is a skin disease which can be passed on from your pet to humans. If you think your pet may have ringworm, you should consult a veterinary surgeon. If your animal's condition does not improve after application of Xeno 450, you should consult a veterinary surgeon.

Pack Size: 6 pipettes
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Manufacturer Genetrix

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