Natural Fibre Dried wood fibre for the perfect bedding and litter. Dust Free & Sterile.

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Megazorb is a cost-effective bedding for horses and bunnies alike!

Made from virgin wood pulp product, Megazorb is dried at high temperature (500oC) which kills off the chance of any moulds, spores or bacteria being present in the bedding, and ensures it is one of the most absorbent beddings on the market today.

Very Economical Natural Fibre Dried wood fibre pulp.

Dust Free & Sterile Dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria. Dust extracted twice.

Ideal for animals with respiratory issues

Superior Absorbency 10 x better than straw, 4 x better than shavings.

Absorbs odours therefore reducing insect problems.

Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable. Breaks down quickly into garden compost resulting in smaller muck heaps.

Megazorb .... all round, jolly good stuff!!

Bag: contains 85 ltrs, weight approx 14kg (though sold by volume, not weight)

New packaging from November 2019

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