What DO They Get Up To??

Motoral HD Pet Webcam

What DO They Get Up To...?

Have you ever wondered what your little ones get up to whilst you're out? Do they have an air of innocence you just don't buy on you return?? Or do you have a poorly one you really want to keep an eye on while you pop out for a short time?

Well, if the answer is 'yes' to any of the above then perhaps a webcam is for you??

Using a compatible smartphone and an app which is free for all the good stuff, you can monitor activity, see what they are doing, pan and tilt the camera in case they are avoiding your view and even monitor temperature - which is really handy in a heatwave. Do you know just how warm their accommodation gets at the hottest part of the day?

The camera can be used to monitor any pet, and can even be used as additional security measure as there's a motion alert that will send you a notification if there has been any movement within the cameras' view.

And all this can be done day or night!

Without going into any techie details, the camera is really easy to set up - all you need is a wifi connection, a monitoring app (downloadable to a compatible smartphone), and a compatible smartphone. Connection is made in seconds and the app is really easy to use. Plus you can view the camera via a web browser too.

We've got one to monitor the four legged hay experts and can hand-on-heart say this is a really cool bit of kit (albeit slightly distracting when there is work to do rather than watching the bunnies, obviously....)!

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