1. Marias Animal Shelter
    Marias Animal Shelter
    We are a registered charity 1147719 which I founded 19 years ago. Our main aim is to unwanted, abused and abandoned small animals. Most rabbits are neutered and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. Home visits are carried out before any animal leaves us. We educate the public by arranging talks. We encourage college students to do their animal management work placements with us.
  2. Reading Rabbit Rescue
    Reading Rabbit Rescue
    Items that our bunnies need all the time
  3. Bristol Rabbit Rescue And Friends
    Bristol Rabbit Rescue And Friends
    We are a small rabbit rescue based in the northeast of Bristol, we will be providing care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small mammals. Our aims include improving public knowledge, rabbit welfare standards and of course rescuing and rehoming animals who need our help. We would love to be able to offer our animals a wide range of healthy treats, hays and forages.
  4. Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue
    Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue
    Registered charity 1181188 We are a small non-profit animal rescue based in Nottingham. We take in rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, degus & chinchillas and find them loving new homes
  5. Tiny Paws MCR
    Tiny Paws MCR
    Tiny Paws Manchester is a home-based, vegan-run, small animal rescue located in South Manchester. We take in rodents and rabbits in need, and find them loving forever homes with carefully matched adopters.
  6. Snors
    Warrington, Cheshire
    Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (SNORS) is a registered charity, 1163102. We offer rescue rabbits with complex health needs a specialist and loving permanent home. All our rabbits are free range with their own spacious indoor accommodation and access to an individual large outdoor run. We believe in providing enrichment, and with this gift registry you can help provide edible toys and treats to our buns.
  7. Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue Wishlist
    Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue Wishlist
    Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue is run by one lady & volunteers trying to do their best for a animal with no voice to speak for itself.
  8. Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue
    Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue
    East Ewell
    Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue, helping these much misunderstood smaller animals to be appreciated and educating people of their needs.
  9. Rabbit Residence Rescue
    Rabbit Residence Rescue
    20 November 2020 | Herts/Cambs boarders
    Rabbit Residence Rescue (charity 1148016) rescues rehabilitates and rehomes over 100 rabbits each year. We also provide sanctuary to those rabbits with health or behavioural issues meaning they are less likely to be rehomed
  10. Bacchus Residents Wishlist
    Bacchus Residents Wishlist
    Cheshire East UK
    A family dedicated to helping small animals by providing sanctuary, rescuing, educating, fostering, and fundraising in and around Cheshire East UK! This is our Hay Experts wishlist! You can directly send us donations to help care for our rescued residents!
  11. Parsleys Warren
    Parsleys Warren
    We are a small sanctuary for elderly and special needs rabbits based at our home in the countryside in north Cambridgeshire. We have about 30 rabbits with us and once here they stay for the rest of their lives. We have a close relationships with other rescues and often work with them to take in rabbits that because of their special needs, appearance, or age etc have spent too much of their lives in rescue waiting for new homes. We also take in wild rabbits who have been orphaned or otherwise come into long term human care, and canot be released back into the wild.
  12. OAS Bunny Wish List
    OAS Bunny Wish List
    21 June 2020 | Stadhampton, Oxford
    Our rabbits like to keep busy!! We are always trying new ways to make feeding time fun!! By purchasing something from our list, you are helping OAS keep the bunnies healthy including mentally and giving them a fantastic range of enrichment. Thank you for your support.
  13. Essex Guinea Pig Rat and Rabbit Rescue
    Essex Guinea Pig Rat and Rabbit Rescue
    30 June 2020 | Essex
  14. Acorn Rabbit Rescue
    Acorn Rabbit Rescue
    East Yorkshire
    We take in rabbits that are in need or are unwanted and care for them until a new loving home can be found. Each rabbit is health checked, neutered and vaccinated before rehoming.
  15. Rabbit Burrows Haven
    Rabbit Burrows Haven
    Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary
  16. Baby Blue Bee Bunnies
    Baby Blue Bee Bunnies
    We have over 50 to 60 bunnies in the rescue at anyone time. Anything at all would be amazing.
  17. Guinea Pig Rescue and Rehome
    Guinea Pig Rescue and Rehome
    Dunstable, Bedfordshire
    Rescuing and Rehoming Guinea Pigs since 2008. Work focusses on taking in unwanted, abandoned and unloved guinea pigs, rehoming help/advice and holiday boarding.
  18. East Anglian Guinea Pig Rescue
    East Anglian Guinea Pig Rescue
    Based in Fressingfield, Suffolk and covering the whole of East Anglia, the philosophy of East Anglian Guinea Pig Rescue is Rescue - Re-habilitate - Re-home.
  19. One Bun At A Time
    One Bun At A Time
    We help 'at risk' rabbits in the UK, get to the safety of a Rescue or into Foster care. Plus we help with the removal of rabbits from hoarding situations and from breeders / meat farms etc. closing down and place them into good rescues around the UK after they have had their RVHD2 vaccinations. One Bun At A Time will also help people if they need to be admitted to hospital, we will care for their rabbits while they are being treated.
  20. Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue
    Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue
    East Midlands
    Avalon Rescues, Rehabilitates and Re-homes Guinea Pigs (Cavies) in need across the East Midlands. We have over 30 years of experience working with guinea pigs.