Hamster & Gerbil Hay

Here you can find our full selection of hamster and gerbil hay. Nutritious and delicious, hay is an important element of your hamster or gerbils daily feed. We stock a range of feeding hay which is all vet-approved.

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  1. Oxbow Alfalfa Hay
    Alfalfa Hay (Oxbow)
  2. Deans Meadow Hay
    Deans Meadow Hay
  3. Hay Blends - Western Timothy & Orchard Grass1.1kg
    Hay Blends - Oxbow Western Timothy & Orchard Grass
  4. Oxbow Orchard Grass - Available in 425g and 1.1kg bags
    Orchard Grass (Bags & Box)
  5. Pillow Wad Bio Meadow Hay
    Pillow Wad Bio Meadow Hay
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