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Rabbit Bedding & Litter

Good quality rabbit bedding and litter is an essential part of your rabbit's home environment and is crucial for their welfare. Here at The Hay Experts, you will find a range of vet-approved rabbit bedding and rabbit litter, with options including barley straw, paper bedding and absorbent hemp.

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  1. Back 2 Nature Litter Bedding - 10ltr
    Back 2 Nature Small Animal Litter Bedding & Litter
  2. Bio Catolet
    Bio Catolet
  3. Carefresh
  4. Corner Litter Tray
    Corner Litter Tray
  5. Giant Litter Tray
    Giant Litter Tray
  6. Large Litter Scoop
    Large Litter Scoop
  7. Pure Pastures Barley Straw
    Pure Pastures Barley Straw
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MORE ABOUT Rabbit Bedding & Litter

Proper bedding and litter is essential for your rabbit. A designated litter area is required for your rabbit to be able to go to the toilet. This area should be filled with proper rabbit litter which is both absorbent and odour-controlling for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.

Just as important is bedding: your rabbit needs a safe, warm and comfortable environment for sleeping in. Rabbits will not mess in their bed, so this needs to be a separate area to their litter.

We stock a wide range of high quality bedding and litter for rabbits, from top brands including Back-2-Nature, Eco-Nest, Carefresh and Tiny Friends Farm. All our bedding and litter is both vet-approved and screened by our in-house Animal Medicines Advisor (SQP), so you can rest assured that we only sell the best options for your rabbit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to use for rabbit bedding?
There are lots of options when it comes to rabbit bedding. The most common include shredded paper or cardboard, rabbit litter and good quality straw.
How much bedding does a rabbit need?
A regular sized rabbit requires enough bedding to be comfortable, at least 5-6 inches, with more if you can. Some rabbits love to cover themselves on occasions!
What bedding does a rabbit need?
A rabbit needs a bedding which is comfortable, warm and safe (ie. non-toxic or a choking hazard). Suitable bedding included shredded paper or cardboard, rabbit litter and good quality straw. Hay can also be used.
How often should you change rabbit bedding?
Your rabbit bedding should be changed at least once a week if your rabbit uses a litter box. If your rabbit is not litter-trained, then their bedding should be changed more regularly - every 2-3 days.
What to do with used rabbit bedding?
Some local authorities allow used hay, straw and sawdust bedding from vegetarian animals like rabbits to be disposed of in garden waste bins, and we recommend getting in touch with your local authority in the first instance to check this. You can also compost your rabbit’s used bedding in your home compost bin.
How often to change rabbit litter
Rabbit litter should be changed more frequently than rabbit bedding. We recommend removing soiled litter daily, replacing what has been removed with clean rabbit litter. A full cleanout of the whole litter area should be carried out at least once a week.
Why has my rabbit stopped using the litter tray?
There are many reasons why your rabbit might stop using their litter tray,and this includes both physical or emotional issues. We recommend, in the first instance, your rabbit be health checked by a veterinary professional to rule out any physical health issues (one common reason for a change in litter habit, for example, may be a bladder infection which would require veterinary treatment). Emotional issues can also play a part - such as a change in environment or stress.

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