Rabbit Bedding & Litter

Good quality rabbit bedding and litter is an essential part of your rabbit's home environment and is crucial for their welfare. Here at The Hay Experts, you will find a range of vet-approved rabbit bedding and rabbit litter, with options including barley straw, paper bedding and absorbent hemp.

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  1. Back 2 Nature Litter Bedding - 10ltr
    Quickview Back 2 Nature Small Animal Litter Bedding & Litter
  2. Bio Catolet
    Quickview Bio Catolet
  3. Carefresh
    Quickview Carefresh
  4. Corner Litter Tray
    Quickview Corner Litter Tray
  5. Giant Litter Tray
    Quickview Giant Litter Tray
  6. Pure Comfort - Natural
    Quickview Pure Comfort Bedding
  7. TumbleFRESH - 8.5ltr
    Quickview Tumblefresh Bedding
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