The First CPD Training Module for SQP's on Rabbit Diet

The First CPD Training Module for SQP's on Rabbit Diet

We are delighted to announce The Hay Experts has written the first rabbit diet-specific CDP training module for SPQ's; The Rabbit - A Need for Fibre.

The SQP, an animal medicines advisor, can be found in veterinary practices, retail premises, county stores and other animal related industries. Their qualification enables them to prescribe and dispense some veterinary medicines and provide advice to owners on a range of subjects.

The Rabbit - A Need for Fibre details how both dental and digestive health is intrinsically linked to the consumption of hay. The module goes into some detail about the function of the rabbit’s digestive system, including the production of caecotrophs, and shows why the rabbits' physical and emotional health is absolutely dependent on hay.

We hope the module will enable SPQ's around the country to be better prepared to help educate rabbit owners on the importance of fibre and a healthy diet.

If you fancy a read - or if you're and SQP looking to increase your rabbit knowledge, you can download our module from here: The Rabbit - A Need for Fibre. (3mb jpg file)

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