Gift Vouchers - The Perfect Gift!

Gift Vouchers - The Perfect Gift!

Gifts Galore!

We all love gifts - though some more than others! Ever get socks when all you wanted was a pretty bunny doorstop? Or perhaps you're disappointed to receive, yet again, another pack of (unhealthy) treats you'd rather not feed your little ones, despite how much Granny wants to see them enjoyed.

Giving (and receiving) gifts is just wonderful, but as the Giver of a Gift, you'd rather make sure the gift is either what is wanted, or what can be used or enjoyed (and ideally all three!).

And as the Receiver of a Gift, you want to spare feelings if you're given something slightly wide of the mark, whilst also being true to yourself.

The world of gifts can be so complicated, can't it?!

The Perfect Gift

The simple answer to the gifting dilemma is a Gift Voucher! Once thought of as a bit impersonal, these days Gift Vouchers are widely accepted as the perfect solution and enjoyed by all. Simple to buy (and deliver - more on this shortly), and simple to use to obtain that perfect something. Win, win!

We've got you covered!

Our gift vouchers can be purchased in either card or digital format. We can send the card direct to your recipient, along with your own personal gift message, or direct to you, for you to give yourself.

And if you need a present right now, (literally, now!) we can automatically send your gift card and personal message to the recipient by email, and they'll receive it in moments.

And For Rescues Too ...

We often get asked what would a particular rescue like to receive as a donation. And we're happy to help. Our Rescue Wishlist is full of rescues' own lists of items they'd love to receive, but not all rescues have registered with us yet. And whilst we know generally what they may find useful, we can't be 100% sure what we suggest is actually what they truly want.

So why not send them a Gift Voucher? It's the perfect gift for rescues - they can buy something yum to treat the little ones in their care this Christmas, they can get something in an emergency when funds are short, or group a few vouchers together and get a bumper delivery which will save them both time and money.

A Hay Experts Gift Voucher is Easy to Buy ...

Hop down to the links below and check out our Gift Vouchers - you can buy to any value you'd like, include a personal message, have the voucher posted direct (or not, as you choose), or have the voucher sent by email in an instant!

... And Easy To Spend Too!

If you've received a Hay Experts Gift voucher (lucky you!) and are not quite sure how to redeem it, here's what you do:

  • Hop onto our website and select the goodies you'd like.
  • When you're ready, go to checkout
  • Enter the Gift Voucher code in the box provided
  • Complete checkout
  • Wait for your goodies to be delivered
  • Enjoy!


Don't forget, we're here to help, and just a phone call or email message away - do get in touch if you'd like some more information on our Gift Vouchers.

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