Grooming: Looking & Feeling Good!

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Grooming: Looking Good, Feeling Fine!

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes - and their fur is just as variable too! From the very short lengthed fur to the unbelievable fur ball, all fur need attention - and some rabbits' fur needs some serious taming!

Why Grooming is So Important

There are a number of areas that regular grooming will help with:

  1. Keeping fur under control - knot and tangle prevention

  2. Hygiene - matted fur can become soiled and contain all sorts of things!

  3. Helps prevent Digestive Issues

  4. Helps improve bonding with your little ones

Grooming is essential to help remove loose fur, prevent knots and to minimise the amount of fur entering the digestive system - excess ingested fur can lead to the dangerous gut stasis. And it can help with binding with your little ones too!

A bit About Fur..

Just like cats, rabbits love to be clean and they can spend many hours grooming. Their fur can be long, short or dense, depending on breed, and some furs are harder work than others. Angora breeds, for example, will require daily brushing, and sometimes clipping too - to help them keep cool in the summer months and to help prevent hygiene issues too.

Grooming must be carried out carefully, however, as their skin is quite thin and can be easily damaged.

Tools of the Trade

Before you start grooming you'll need to decide which brushes and combs you'll require. Looking just at our own range of grooming accessories, there are a wide range of products available. It may take a little trial and error to find the right brushes and combs for your little ones - do get in touch with us if you'd like any advice on selection.

Slicker style brushes are good for shorter fur, but they can also help in localised knot removal. Good slicker brushes will have rounded or covered tips to ensure the delicate skin is not damaged.

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