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Online Resources: Rabbit Welfare

Looking to brush up on your knowledge? Wanting to know more - or perhaps doing a sot of research before youwelcome a rabbit into you home? We've gathered a great selection of sites, and videos for your reference - and do share any great resources we've missed!


Free Webinars / Videos:

The Webinar Vet - Whilst most videos are subscription only, there are a selection of webinars available free, including:


Supreme Petfoods - Aimed at vets as well as owners, the library of resources are all free, many presented by rabbit specialist Molly Varga


Burgess Petcare



  • MediRabbit - an educative and non-profit website based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an independent website, without partneship or affiliation to industry or associations, and without sponsors
  • Rabbit Welfare Association - the association aims to improve domestic rabbits’ health and welfare through campaigning, education and the most up-to-date advice.
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