New! Meadow Menu from Rosewood

New! Meadow Menu from Rosewood

We are delighted to be the first in the UK to stock the lovely new natural food from Rosewood.

The list of ingredients sounds very appealing; rich in meadow grasses, plants and herbs with over 40 natural ingredients to provide a wider range of beneficial vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients. It is grain-free, with no added sugar or alfalfa.

Three foods in the range are available, each made with species specific inggredients - the Guinea Pig food, for example, is made with vitamin C rich ingredients, as well as having additional vitamin C added too.

The cold-compressed pellets are hard in form, and based on a quad-shaped pellet. Available in a 2kg pack, with a bulk 9kg pack available on request.

It is great to see the small animal food martek investing in food developement with a focus on natural, species-specific ingredients.

Tested on the four-legged Hay Experts, we can confirm it meets with their full approval!

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