Waste Not!

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Waste Not - Some Furry is in Need!

As you can imagine, sometimes things get damaged during transit from our many suppliers - especially when they send in pallets and pallets of goodies at a time!

Bags can get split, treats can get a little crushed during loading and unloading, and occasionally - very occasionally - a pallet has a bit of a wobble! And it can be expensive to waste these items, especially as there is usually nothing wrong with the goodies themselves, they just look a little different than their fellow bags...

We like different! And whilst we never knowingly sell anything damaged (of course!) we know for a fact that our four (or three!) legged friends in rescue would be thrilled to receive some extra munchies.

We have a list of lovely rescues we support, and every now and then we send them our latest collection of odds and bobs! It's typically a very random collection; sometimes bags of food, sometimes hay, sometimes treats - and sometimes a little of everything!

And we love the idea of a little fluff somewhere in rescue, waiting for their forever home, thinking 'oooh - this is a bit yum!'.

So if you know of a rescue that you think may benefit from an occasional delivery of 'odds and bobs' do let us know - we'd be happy to add them to our list.

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